Bits and bobs

This page is designed as an aide memoire for all those bits of useful information that can easily be forgotten, but are really useful when you need them! It will be updated whenever I have something to add that might be useful but doesn’t need its own blog page.

Self Service Password Reset

This URL is used to setup your Microsoft 365 account for SSPR.

This URL allows you to reset your password for any corporate account that is based on a Microsoft ID.

Edit your Additional Verification page

This URL will allow you to edit your Additional Verification page for MFA authentication. Useful to add additional verification options, or to change your phone number etc.

Bitlocker Recovery keys

Login using the account you use to login to the device you need the Bitlocker recovery key for.

The following URLs are also linked to Bitlocker recovery.

Adding Device Hash to Autopilot During Build Process

This lets you add the Hardware Device Hash to Autopilot from the machine that is being built. Very Useful. More info from the Author of Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo is here.

Reset the device

Connect to WiFi when prompted then press Shift + F10 (if using a wired network you can press Shift + F10 from when asked to select Language).

In CMD prompt type Powershell, then type

Set-ExecutiopPolicy Bypass
Install-Script Get-WindowsAutopilotInfo

Then select Yes, then All, then type

Get-WindowsAutopilotinfo -Online -Assign

You will be prompted to authenticate to Intune (you will need to have rights). Wait for that command to finish (it takes a few minutes to be imported and then assigned), then continue Autopilot process by selecting the Language etc.

How to change from User Driven to White Glove Deployment when using Autopilot

Reset the device and wait for Language Selection to be displayed. Now press the Windows key 5 times.

White Glove only works when connected to the network via LAN.

Download link for latest version of Power BI Desktop

Microsoft 365 Applications

This URL takes you to a list of all your Microsoft 365 application (via a login)

Microsoft Administrator Portals

A community project has been created to document all of Microsoft’s portals. Visit the link below to access the list.

Microsoft tool for accessing Portal and Blades

This is a quick way to access all the Microsoft cloud portals and Blades. Appears to have been put together by Microsoft or Microsoft people.

The following link points at online technical documentation and in-depth articles on Microsoft developer tools and technologies.