Case Studies

Below are some examples of work that Higginson Consultancy Ltd has performed with clients.

The Banking Client

A large consultancy organisation engaged Higginson Consultancy Ltd to help with a Digital Workplace Transformation at their investment banking client. We worked very closely with both clients, as part of a large team tasked with delivering an new Modern Management Infrastructure strategy. The bank wanted a cloud first, DevOps approach, which was followed by all participants.

Higginson Consultancy Ltd led the Application Workstream, responsible for moving over 700 desktop applications and over 9000 users from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This involved designing and implementing the packaging environment infrastructure in Microsoft Azure, designing how the applications will be deployed on different hardware, for example laptops, VDI and WVD devices. Desktop management and application deployment were Co-Managed by Intune, SCCM and Active Directory. Automation was also an important part of this project and PowerShell was used to automate the implementation of infrastructure in Azure.

The Utilities Client

Again, Higginson Consultancy Ltd was engaged by a large consultancy organisation, this time to help their large Utilities client with a Digital Workplace Transformation project. The Utilities company had an old desktop estate, with no application management or deployment strategy. We were engaged as part of a large project to implement Office 365, migrate around 6000 users and over 350 applications to Windows 10, and implement a fully managed desktop environment.

Higginson Consultancy Ltd led the Application workstream and were responsible for designing the application packaging and deployment strategy, designing and implementing the application packaging environment, and deploying the packaged applications across the clients estate.

At the end of the project the client had a fully managed and secure desktop environment, where new software could be deployed quickly and easily,

The Insurance Client

Brought in by a major software vendor who were migrating applications from Windows Server 2003 server Citrix farm to a new farm built using Windows Server 2016. However once onsite it became apparent that the client did not have an up to date application list. The applications themselves were managed by multiple external organisations, each of which had different, and competing, requirements and engagement levels. There was, in fact, a great deal of mistrust and antagonism from the external organisations towards the software vendor.

Higginson Consultancy Ltd engaged and built up trust with all parties, providing leadership and technical input to drive forward the development of an accurate and validated application list. This allowed the identification of applications that were no longer required, and saving packaging and migration costs.